Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mail Time!

Here is the stuff that I got in the mail today:

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit- I got this from sending in three UPC's from Band Aid products awhile ago. It was supposed to include $15 in coupons but it was empty so I sent an email to let them know where they could send my forgotten coupons.

Toy Story 3 Alien Light- I got this from buying a lot of boxes of Rice Krispies awhile ago. It came really quick because I just ordered it last week. My son loves it!

$6.99 Check- This is from buying gluten free products at Stop and Shop. If you purchased over a certain dollar amount you got a coupon for a free subscription to Rachel Ray magazine but if you didn't want the magazine you could opt for a refund check of $6.99. Basically after coupons, sales and this rebate check I got whatever I bought for almost free.

$5 CVS Gift Card- This is from taking surveys at Lightspeed Panel. They are the only survey site that I use because they give a lot of points for surveys, you get your points in your account immediately and they have lots of gift cards I redeem my points for. Unfortunately Lightspeed is not accepting new survey takers but I will keep an eye out!

Since we are talking about mail, we got a new mailbox not too long ago. It is a lot bigger than our old one and I can't help but to think that my lazy, dumpy mail lady is very happy about it because she can fit more stuff in it instead of sitting in her vehicle for ten minutes trying to figure out how she can finagle a contraption to attach a too big package to our old mailbox (I never knew the many configurations a mail person could make out of a trash bag and rubber band). I will miss the days when she would stuff envelopes that had pictures in them and said "do not bend" into our mailbox, not only bending the pictures but simultaneously crushing them. Memories...


  1. Love the mail lady paragraph. Our mail lady wants us to put up a new mailbox after 20 yrs because she went from a small car to a jeep. She said she can no longer reach down to put our mail in it. Really!!! I have to put up a new box because you got a new car....she already doesn't like me because I get odd size packages. I am ignoring her at this point and went above her and asked the postmaster in our area to come out and inspect and make a decision if we are in code or not. Love the Post Office.

  2. I've never heard of Lightspeed before. Please let us know when and if they start to accept applications or do you know if there is a waiting list?

  3. I haven't seen a waiting list but I will keep a look out for when they are accepting new panelists!