Monday, December 13, 2010

Table for Three...

We recently bought a pub style table for my kitchen that came with two chairs. We eat breakfast and lunch in the kitchen and then for dinner we eat in the dining room as a family. This arrangement works out great during the week when my husband is working but on the weekend when there are two adults and a toddler (she sits in one of those portable seats that attaches to a regular chair) who need chairs to sit in when in the kitchen (my preschooler son has his own little table that he sits at) either my husband or I end up standing up to eat breakfast/lunch.

We could just buy another chair but unfortunately we bought our set at the clearance center at a local furniture store so finding the same chair again is very unlikely. My husband and I decided that buying a bar stool would be perfect- it would be the same height as the chairs we already have and it would match in a non-matchy way. I feel like if we bought the same style of chair we have now but not the same exact one it would look tacky- like we just collected random furniture that we found on the side of the road on trash day.

Knowing that CSN Stores sells tons of furniture, including adjustable bar stools, I decided to take a look at what they had to offer. I never realized that there were so my options for bar stools- now I just have to decide what kind would look best in my kitchen. Wish me luck.

Disclaimer:CSN Stores will be providing me a gift certificate in return for doing a review of their site. All opinions are mine.

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