Friday, December 17, 2010

Rite Aid

2 Rite Aid Envelopes @ $2.29 BOGO
4 Rite Aid Tape @ $1.49 BOGO
Less $5.00 in +Up Rewards

Total: .29
Received $6.00 in +Up Rewards ($2 Envelopes and $4 Tape)
Saved 96%

No loofahs- in fact in the three different stores I went to this week they were loofah free. Oh well- I got some more tape and envelopes.

I am a little less than $3 away from hitting the $100 mark and getting a $20 certificate from the Gift of Savings Program but all of the sudden some of my +Up Rewards are counting against my totals. I bought something the other day that was $14.99 and I used $10 in rewards to pay for it. My gift of savings shows that I bought the item for $14.99 but then deducted $7 in rewards and not the other $3 in rewards that I used. I know that I will be going back again before the program is over and even with the weirdness in totals I am pretty sure I will make it over the $100 threshold. We'll have to see how this transaction comes up...

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