Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rite Aid Gift of Savings

I earned my $20 Gift of Savings certificate from Rite Aid!

I am so happy because I barely spent any money out of pocket and now I have $20 to spend on more great Rite Aid deals.

I do really wonder wonder though, how does Rite Aid stay in business with everyone legally robbing them every week?

On another note, I just found some CVS Extra Care Bucks that expire this week so now I am forced to shop there. CVS has really been stinking with their deals so I think I may just spend the ECB on batteries or something else we need and call it a day. And Walgreens- I will not even step foot in their store because of their ever changing Register Reward redemption policies; so not worth my time.

Go Rite Aid! You're the best!

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