Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Time Moms Are Annoying...

My husband's cousin has a baby who is around 10 months old. We saw her at my husband's aunt's house yesterday and I was a little annoyed.

She has first time mom syndrome to the max and I wonder if I was as bad as her after I had my son. I don't think I was because I am the kind of person who has the mindset that if tons of other people are doing something then It probably isn't mind blowingly special to the world as a whole.

When I graduated high school I didn't really even feel like going to the graduation ceremony- everyone graduates from high school and it is pretty easy to do so what was the big deal? I threw my gown away and have no idea where my tassel is because what the heck would I use it for in the future. Maybe my husband and I could have role played in the bedroom with it- I could be the recent high school graduate in an unflattering moo moo like gown and my husband could be one of those creepy older guys who graduated ten years earlier but still wants to hang out with high school kids. I also was realistic about getting married- I was happy to be married but tons of people get married everyday. It is nothing to stop the presses about- talk to me again when my husband and I are still together when we are ninety years old and wearing adult diapers and maybe I'll more impressed.

So, having kids is not a wow thing to those around you. It is a wow thing to the mom and dad and the grandparents. That is it. No one else wants to see the 1200 pictures you took of your child in one day while she was doing nothing. If I ask to look at the pictures on your camera that is fine but don't hand me your camera and ask me if I want to see pictures of your child. I see her because she is in the same room as me- I don't need to also see her on your camera. No one wants to hear why your baby is so great and the bestest baby ever conceived from some sperm and an egg. A baby is a baby. I had a higher threshold of tolerance for baby bragging before I had kids but now my tolerance has gone done the crapper. And, yeah, having a baby does not allow you for special accommodations. Maybe you excuses work around other people but if try that crap with those of us who have two or more kids we will stare at you blankly and do an imaginary eye roll.

I am not a total Grinch- I do like to hear about people's kids when the people telling the stories are normal and not the "my kids are the best thing since sliced bread" kind of parents. Maybe my husband's cousin will grow out of it and if not, I only see her a couple of times a year so I guess I can put up with it (with some imaginary eye rolling).

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  1. AMEN. Unfortunately my best friend is pregnant and I have come to find her annoying. I have a two year old and have a good family going - and she's been giving me advice about how to better raise my child and she hasn't even become a mom yet. I haven't said anything to her about it - but she's got three more months on her pregnancy and I'm about done with listening to her talk about her golden rules and solutions for all situations from a newborn to a teenager. It's so bad I hardly want to hang out with her.

    On top of the ear piercing unsolicited advice
    she asked me to give her my old mini crib so she wouldn't have to buy a crib of her own. I took a whole day to break it down, drive to her house and set it up (cause she's pregnant and tired) and then put it in her nursery. Now she wants to give it back because her father in law wants to buy her a "real crib." She wants me to drive to her house and break it down and take it back. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.