Friday, December 24, 2010

Bah Fricken Humbug

I just finished wrapping all of my kids' presents and now have to carry them all upstairs to my bedroom to hide them until tomorrow night.

I like wrapping presents and am really good at it but I absolutely hate weird shaped stuff. No matter how hard I try the weirdo shaped presents always look like my three year old son (or husband) wrapped them. I actually saved all of them for last tonight so they look double crappy.

I know that my kids are just going to teat the paper off but I hate when things I do look bad. I will just have to hide the yucky looking ones behind the nice, cooperative, square boxes.

Tomorrow I have to put together some stocking for family members, wrap my husband's presents, wrap a few more presents for my kids that I forgot about and wrap my parents' and in-laws' presents. Bah fricken humbug.

It is midnight and I am going to trek my tired butt up and down the stairs ten times to hide the presents and then I am going to pass out.

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