Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week In Review

This week I took it pretty easy in the shopping department which was really nice!

I went to Shaws on Thursday to get some produce and other random things and was about $20 under budget for the the week. On Sunday and Tuesday I quickly ran into CVS to do the P&G/Toy Story 3 deal and did not set foot into Rite Aid. And Target- forget about it, I had no desire to go there no matter what deals were to be had.

I have been slowing down lately on the deal hunting because it just takes too much out of me. I also feel like it takes time away from my family when I am running out to the store all of the time to pick up stuff we sometimes don't actually need. Maybe when the kids are older and in school I will have more free time to go back to being psychotic about coupons but right now it just doesn't fit into our lives.

With that said- I do still use coupons, I still have a budget I stick to and I still stockpile what I can when it is on sale/free. I just don't make a ton of trips out to the store to do this which means I miss out on a lot but I have a pretty decent stockpile so that cutting back on trips to the store hasn't been costing me any money.

My shopping schedule consists of going to the store on Tuesdays and Thursdays after my daughter and I drop off my son at nursery school. I will go to one store on each day so typically the grocery store and whatever other store has a great deal I want. Sometimes on Sundays we go to Target as a family but I have cooled it a lot with using coupons there because sometimes it is just not worth the hassle. I also go the grocery store on Sundays once in awhile during my daughter's nap time.

I do 99% of our clothing shopping online which is so helpful because it cuts out having to take the kids to the store. I know that when the kids are older I won't be able to do this as much because they will have to try things on but right now it is such a time saver!

This is just what has been working for me lately and who knows- next week I could decide to give into my deal shopping compulsions and hit every deal.

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