Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stop Calling Me Soccer Mom

My son's last day of soccer is in a couple of weeks and I feel a bit relieved.

He has fun at soccer but he could have the same fun doing pretty much anything else, too. He listens to the coach about 75% of the time and the other 25% he is picking up the fake grass and collecting it. If someone runs by him and accidentally knocks it out of his hand you would swear someone just ran over his puppy. While he is dong this I am running after my very energetic 17 month old daughter and trying to keep her content for an hour so everyone won't have to fall victim to her deafening screams. Not to mention just getting my son into the car to go to soccer is a long drawn out ordeal- no matter how early I get the kids ready we are always running late because my son dawdles. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Along with feeling relieved I do feel a bit guilty for not signing him up for the winter session. It is a good activity for him to do where he can run around with other kids and where he can work on his "personal space issues" but for what it costs ($180 for 12 classes) it really just not seem worth it right now. Plus, it is good for him to get some exercise, especially since it is starting to get cold up here in Massachusetts and soon going outside won't be an option. Maybe I will sign him back up in the spring when he is a bit older and wants to actually play soccer or maybe he will want to try a different activity. Heck, maybe I can just pay my self $180 and for twelve weeks let my son run around the house like a maniac for an hour to release some energy. I'll have to look into fun activities that both kids can do.

Besides, it will be nice not being a total cliche- soccer mom living in the suburbs and driving a minivan. In my defense it is a VW minivan with an "OBummer2012" bumper sticker on the back but nonetheless, it is a minivan. And no, I do not wear mom jeans (though the rise has gone from super low rise to mid rise- please intervene if I get to the "hits at natural waist" rise).

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