Monday, November 8, 2010

Melted Brain

I am sitting here attempting to make a shopping list so that my daughter and I can go to Shaws after we drop my son off at nursery school but I feel like my brain has melted. It's like once 9 o'clock hits my brain shuts off all cognitive ability and I am only capable of surfing the internet or watching Hoarders on TV.

I really hate being so unproductive- it feels like I am wasting precious time to do nothing. Then, tomorrow morning I am going to be frazzled trying to write my list and corral my coupons wondering why the heck I didn't do this last night.

And yes, instead of trying to focus and write a list I am writing this blog post about not writing a list. I'm just going to go to bed and maybe if I put the Shaws sale flier under my pillow the coupon fairy will write me a list and gather my coupons for me.

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