Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Call Me Lazy (Smart?)- Killing Three Birds With One Stone!

Christmas is fast approaching and while I am winding down from hosting Thanksgiving at my home I am getting wound back up (in a good way) thinking about Christmas Cards and gifts.

Every year, since my son was born, we have ditched the generic boxed cards from the store to send photo cards so that all of our family and close friends can share in how much our children have grown each year. Also since having children I have found out how much grandparents love pictures of their grand kids and that they really love photo gifts.

This year I checked out Shutterfly to see what they have to offer. I have never purchased Christmas cards from them but I have purchased beautiful photo calenders for gifts and was very pleased with their choice of graphics and the quality.

Something I seem to have less and less of each year is time so I did not want to be searching through tons of photo sights to find designs that fit my style (which is what I have done in the past and what has caused me lots of self imposed stress). This is why Shutterfly came to mind- when I was making my photo calenders there were so many graphics to choose from that were "me" that I didn't feel like I was missing something by not checking somewhere else.

In all honesty, after only a couple of minutes in the Christmas card section of their site I found a bunch of cards that I really like and one that is be perfect for Christmas this year.

I am in love with this card. I am going to have the pictures be in black and white (I have an obsession with black and white photos). I like that there are three spots so I can have two individual shots of the kids and then of one of them together. If the cooperation level of the kids is low I can go to plan B and take three "candid" shots of them not sitting still for their Christmas photos (I did this last year and it was actually very cute).

While on their site, I also found a calender that I want to make for my mom and mother in law.

I really like this design- I may even make one for myself. I love making calenders for gifts because it is something useful, every month there is another cute picture to look at and and it is a great keepsake once the year is over. I would even suggest framing the photos once you take the calender down because the quality of it is so nice and the pictures come out so good that it would be a shame to put it away to not be enjoyed anymore.

I also found their birthday card section.

This is such a cute card to give a daddy, grandpa or uncle with a picture of your child on it. I really feel like I should sit down right now and order birthday cards for everyone in my family so when their birthdays come I will be prepared ahead of time. Giving a birthday card with a photo in it makes it so much more special than giving one that you pick up at the local drug store- and these actually cost less than what I would normally spend on a birthday card!

So, from one site I have solved my Christmas card issue, my what to get my mom and mother in law issue and my running out last minute to get a birthday card issue. Like I said, I have been a fan of Shutterfly for awhile and now like them even more for helping me streamline my life a bit more.

Now if only someone could help me find a gift for my tween little brother...

Disclaimer: Shutterfly, in exchange for writing about their site, has given me free cards. All opinions are mine- I really do love their site and have bought from them before and been very impressed with their selection and quality. And yes, I am really going to pre-buy birthday cards because it will make life just that much easier for me!

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