Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hi My Name is Erica and I am a Coupon Clutter Addict

I have finally sat down and filled out a bunch of rebates of which have been sitting in my "stuff I don't want to deal with" box. I have really been lazy and frazzled lately so maybe this is the first step in me getting more organized (I am leaning towards a maybe-no).

Having a cute box to put stuff in has cut down on clutter but it also makes it very easy for me to forget about things- at least when stuff was sitting out I would be forced to deal with it or face the wrath of my clutter hating husband.

I also have a cute box to put coupons in that need to be cut or filed and what a mess that one is too.

Will I ever get organized? Maybe when I hit rock bottom because I am realizing that I may be a coupon/rebate/receipt clutter addict.

1 comment:

  1. Amen!! My fiance is trying to have an intervention!!

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