Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I Did Today

  • Chopped and froze green peppers
  • Made homemade crock pot meatballs
  • Ran to Rite Aid and the Post Office
  • Cleaned up a large puddle of urine from in front of my toilet (my son "missed")
  • Left a poopy diaper in my daughter's play room
  • Cleaned up poop from the floor and toys in my daughter's playroom
  • Cleaned my son's foot who stepped in my daughter's poop that she threw all over her playroom
  • Realized that my daughter too had poop on her feet- cleaned off her feet and hand cleaned the entire carpet and hardwood floor in her playroom becuase I inadvertantly let her run around with poop feet
If you have kids you may think this is funny- I think it is pretty funny now that I am far removed from the situation. If you don't have kids, ignore this post because you just may not want to have kids after reading it.


  1. I too left out my sons poop diaper and he to got into it...however RIGHT after i gave him a tub!

  2. i am a mom and i thought this was funny! my daughter, who is now 3 1/2 years old, went through a phase where every time she pooped, she would play in it, wipe it everywhere, etc. i did not find it funny at all when she did this, though!!!