Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rite Aid

Rite Aid Vitamins $13.49
Palmers Lip Butter $1.99
Comtrex $3.99
Kids Eeze Allergy $4.99
Less $5 off $25
Less $18.76 +Up Rewards

Total: .70 on gift card recieved from Oral Care rebate (spent nothing out of pocket to earn it)
Will submit for $10.97 in SCR ($1.99 Palmers, $4.99 Kids Eeze and $3.99 Comtrex)

I obviously would have gotten a better deal if I just got all free stuff but I needed vitamins.

The vitamins were on sale but weren't marked so my total before +Up Rewards was a little below $25- the cashier didn't say anything and put it through (I just relized it right now). I was wondering why my total was lower than what I calculated in my head but I had my daughter with me so I didn't have time to go through my receipt.

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