Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It is so funny how I obsess that my kids have the right costumes for Halloween and then it is over in a flash and the costumes are off and forgotten.

We had fun trick or treating- we just went up our street with the other kids in our neighborhood. My son and his friend were running door to door having a blast and my daughter was just walking around through the leaves with no interest in getting candy.

Here is my son, aka Spiderman. He refused to wear his mask until he saw that his friend was wearing one- then he decided it was ok. I bought the gloves and boot covers that matched his costume because I had to go all out- I also made a pretty cool trick or treat basket to match his costume.

This is my daughter and her adorable costume. I was sad when it was time to take it off because I love it and she looks so precious in it. I do think my son is pretty adorable also but I did not get to pick out his costume so he was boring old Spiderman- I would have gone with something more cute but I guess he is growiing up and doesn't need his mommy picking out his costumes anymore (insert tears here).

So, Halloween is over and we had a ton of candy left over because there weren't that many trick or treaters this year- not that I'm complaining about having an abundance of candy for my husband and I to eat (we will just have to hide it so my son can't find it). I will pack up our decorations and then on to Thanksgiving!

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