Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flying Under the Radar

I love to shop at Rite aid. They have been so generous with their deals and have helped me save my family money.

When I get in on deals, at Rite Aid or anywhere else, I like to fly under the radar. To me, this means I get my deals but don't need a flatbed truck to haul them home. I don't want to be seen as a crazy coupon lady- not that I look down on anyone who does. It is just not my style- I am a pretty low key person who likes to avoid drama whenever possible.

I was thinking about this topic because of the free candy at Rite Aid deal this week. I wish I got in on it- I would have bought ten bags at the most and been happy with my score. I have been reading various deal threads where people have bought over 100 bags- holy crap! This whole deal was a glitch in the system so I feel like going completely overboard is just going to bite us couponers in the butt later on. Getting a bunch of bags- no big deal, getting a ton of bags- are you kidding me?

After this Rite Aid may decide to put way low limits on their +Up Rewards deals from now on, therefore screwing everyone because some people wanted to hoard candy and completely take advantage of a glitch in the system

Come on people, lets get in on the deals but lets not call too much attention to our crazy couponing ways and lets not completely throw it in Rite Aid's face that they are being so generous with their deals.

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  1. I would TOTALLY be one of those crazy coupon ladies at Rite Aid... BUT... if I were going to buy 100 bags (okay that's a stretch), I'd probably hit up every Rite Aid in the RI/Southeast Mass area and send my family members to do the dirty work. I wouldn't keep the 100 bags either! My church is doing "trunk or treating" for the kids in Sunday School and tons of my mom's friends are currently unemployed and job searching to no avail, therefore they have little money to give out candy to trick-or-treaters or even to their own young ones!!

    I certainly hope Rite Aid takes their computer glitch as a "lesson learned" and doesn't penalize the rest of the couponing population!!!

    Love your blog!
    -Cynthia @ Coupon Mama Massachusetts