Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cutest Thing Ever...

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the Pottery Barn Kids website and saw their Halloween costumes. I fell in love with the owl one but, of course, it was sold out. I went to Ebay and they were selling for over $100- I was in love with it but not that much!

After seeing the owl costume I knew my 15 month old daughter had to be an owl for Halloween. Then I found Livvy Loo Who. She made her daughter an adorable owl cape and was selling them in her Etsy shop! She made one for me and I love it!

Isn't it adorable!

The great thing about this is that my daughter can continue to wear it after Halloween whereas the Pottery Barn one was just a costume and looked like a costume.

I swear, when I opened the package I started yelling at my husband about how cute it was and then I ran and put it on my daughter and was yelling at my husband again about how cute she looked in it.

Now I just have to get her something to wear under it- I don't know if I should have her wear a cute dress or keep it simple and have her wear a brown shirt and brown pants. Hmmm. I also have to make her and my son (he is going to be Spiderman) Halloween treat baskets. I make them ones every year that match their costumes- it's my little tradition.

I am so exited for Halloween!

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