Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Worm Composting Wednesday

Want to hear the exciting news? My worms are still alive!

Here is my bin- it doesn't look like much is going on but underneath this paper is a whole lot of worms eating and pooping.

This week I added a banana peel and some peaches to the bin. There was still some banana peel left from last week and the eggplant was still there but I went ahead and added the new food. I know that it is always better to underfeed your worms than to overfeed them but I feel like I need to feed them once a week- I am crazy.

It really seems like the only time worms try to escape is after I fiddled with their home- by adding food or checking to see if they are actually alive. This past week I left the cover on to their bin and had no escapees (at least none that I know of). After I added the food today and moved their bedding around (a lot) I had a few worms trying to slither (do worms slither- maybe crawl is a better word?) up the sides of the bin. I will leave the cover off and the lights on until they settle down a bit.

For anyone wondering what the smell is like having a bin of worms and rotting produce- well, it just smells like wet newspaper.

This is not a worm but it is our Guinea Pig who was named Pig by my three year old son. I didn't buy this little guy- I got him from my mom who became his primary caregiver after my little brother couldn't be bothered to take care of him. He lives on a table above the worm bin so I though I would share the worms' neighbor.


  1. I want to start up a composting bin this year. I don't know about going with worms though. I do know they work great. When I was a kid, my parents actually raised worms for a time, and our garden was AMAZING!

  2. I hope my worm bin experiment turns out good. I am awful at growing plants so I need the boost of compost if I want to have a gargen next spring.