Sunday, September 12, 2010

Target- I Am So Over You

2 Huggies Wipes @ $2.39 each - $1.50/2 MC and .75 Target Coupon
Nursery Water $2.99 - .55 MC
Glade Tough Odor Carpet Powder $1.99 - $1.00 MC and $1.00 Target Coupon ***Free***
2 Earth's Best Crackers @ $1.77 each - $1/2 MC
PPF Changs Meal $6.99 - $2.00 MC and $1.50 Target Coupon
2 Sobe @ $1.00 each - $1.00 MC BOGO and .50 Target Coupon
2 Q Tips @ $2.54 each - (2) $1.00 MC and $1.00 Target Coupon
Ice Cube Tray $1.99
Popsicle Molds .87 (reg. $2.99)
Up & Up Freezer Bags $2.69
Dollar Spot Puzzle .70 (reg. $1.00
2 Archer Farms Wheat Tortillas @ $2.49 each - $1/2 Target Coupon

Total: $24.48 on a gift card so free to me!

The cashier didn't put through a .75 Huggies Target Coupon and a $1.00 Q Tips Target Coupon. What a coincidence, huh? They happen to be doubles of coupons I used so the wonderful cashier decided to not put them through per the one per transaction rule. This is fine but what really bothers me is that she should have told me I couldn't use two of each and given me my two coupons back. I then would have told her to take the items off. What a complete lack of customer service on her part. Now I face the dilemma of whether I should return the two items because of her idiocy.

I am getting over Target real quick. It seems so hot and cold with the deals and getting a good cashier. I didn't even go last week and much to my surprise I didn't go into complete withdrawal. I think I am going to take a bit of a hiatus from my once beloved store because that warm and fuzzy feeling is gone. If they have a great deal I may not be able to resist shopping there but the weekly (or more) visits are going to stop- though I may go back and get one more PF Changs meal because they are delicious!


  1. The Target nearest to my house is HORRIBLE when it comes to customer service. I have never had a problem with coupons but they are not friendly, their behavior and appearance is unprofessional, they never have more then 1 or 2 registers open no matter how busy they are and you have to track down someone if you need help at the customer service desk. I wrote the corporate office and of course they apologized but it was a blanket statement that they release. It did not address any of the issues.

  2. It really does make me quite sad that I Target is the way it is because I really used to enjoy going there and getting the great deals. But, I guess getting great deals isn't worth it when you have to fight to get them.