Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mail Time

Whenever I write these posts I think of Blues Clues' mail time. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I am so jealous.

Here is what my lovely, lazy mail lady brought today:

Real Simple Magazine- this is one of the few magazines I will pay for- it sometimes has coupons in it but I actually like to read it.
$1.50 Underjams coupons- don't think I need this but who knows?
40% off one item Banana Republic coupon- this can be used online so we shall see if there will be any deals.
$5.00 off any Tyson product coupon- this is from a class action suit from awhile ago
$6.00 Budweiser Rebate- I bought this on Ebay. It's for $6 when I buy $10 of pasta, spices, sauce or bread.

Decent mail day and nothing was bent in half or strapped to the mailbox with a rubber band while a torrential downpour was coming down. Good job incapable marginally capable mail lady!

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