Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rite Aid Recap- Almost My Second Home

Transaction #1

Total: $8.49

Received $2.00 +Up Rewards for purchasing Huggies
Will submit for $15.97 in SCR ($5.49 Salonpas, $6.99 Stopain and $3.49 Back Aid)
Will also submit for $2.00 Stopain rebate (people have reported they haven't received in the past because the SCR may void the rebate)

Profit: $9.48 (if Stopain rebate goes through)
Details here

Transaction #2

Total: $10.79

Received: $3.00 +Up Rewards
Will submit for $5.00 SCR for purchasing $25 worth of Kimberly Clark items (#148)

Cost: $5.79
Details here

Transaction #3

Total: $8.48

Will Submit For: $14.00 in SCR ($5.00 John Frieda, $7.00 Chestal and $2.00 Crest)
Will also send away for $10 Rite Aid gift card for purchasing JF Root Awakening Smoothing Cream (thanks Hounding with Frugalsuz!)

Profit: $5.52 not including gift card
Details here

Total profit for the week: $9.21 and a $10 gift card

Month Ending Total

Out of Pocket: $38.69
SCR Submitted: $51.64
Other Rebates: $2.00

***Profit: $14.95***

Plus a $10 gift card (mentioned above)
I also qualified for a $5 Oral Care gift card for spending $5 but I am going to go for the $10 gift card

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