Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Call Me Big Spender

Meet my new Kenmore Elite stove.

Was this a frugal purchase at $1439.88? No way. Did we need a new stove? Not really, I mean our current stove doesn't work that great but it still works.

You can take my cheapness badge away and revoke my blog because today I was not cheap.

Even though we did spend a whole lot of money on this we did get a good deal. It was on sale and this weekend is Tax Free Weekend in Massachusetts so we saved about $90 in sales tax (it feels good to know that my money wasting state isn't getting more of my hard earned money). I also have 0% financing for 12 months with my Sears card and I earned about 14,000 Shop Your Way Rewards points. My husband is going to pick it up instead of having it delivered so we saved another $70 on that. (Please spare me with the evils of credit cards- we all live our lives the way that we feel fit to, when someone decides to pay my bills for me they can then tell me how to spend my money)

I am so excited to go pick it up because it will make cooking so much easier. It has two ovens so that I can cook two different things at once and it has burners that will fit my pans (our current stove has small burners so when I use a big pot or pan the food does not get cooked properly). Our fridge and dishwasher are stainless steal but I hate that finish because it gets dirty so easy so we went with black.


  1. Everyone is entitled to live and enjoy life. If you love to cook and will use the ovens you need to buy the right one for you. I currently rent, but my dream home will have a double oven and gas range.

    Credit cards are not evil if you are smart about them. As you mentioned, you got 12 months with 0% financing so as long as you pay it off before the 12 months are over you'll be fine. It will also help your credit rating in the long run so that when you're ready for a new house or car you can find low interest rates there.

    Good luck and enjoy your new range.

  2. Cori,

    I love gas ranges too but our house has electric. We rented up until last year so we always had whatever appliences that our apartments came with. It is nice to buy something that is ours and to be able to pick what we want.

    I did the math and if we pay $28 a week we'll have the stove paid off before the 12 months is up. When we were youger we more than once didn't pay off purcahases before the 0% financing was up but you live and learn as you get older and we won't be making those mistakes ever again.

    The nicest thing is that I will finally have an oven that is 100% clean though I know that its cleanliness won't last long with the way I cook!

  3. So cool, our oven isn't working well either. It fluctuates between 50 degrees hotter than the temp I want or colder. Makes it hard to bake!!

    I found your credit comment amusing. Do people really give you flack for that??

  4. Erica,

    It seems like the people who are completely hell bent on being 100% debt free and buying their homes with cash think that everyone should live their lives like them. A lot of blogs that I have come across have people on them that if their oven stopped working they would have cooked over a campfire while they saved up enough cash for a new oven. If you make a comment saying that you used a credit card to buy something or have a car loan and think that it is an Ok thing to do they act as if you killed a puppy. It's really quite silly. Besides, while they are cooking dinner over a campfire I'll be inside using my double oven with 0% interest.