Monday, August 2, 2010

Frugal Gift Basket

I made this gift basket for my neighbor who is having a baby soon.

I really love to make gift baskets so whenever I get the chance I really go for it. It looks like I spent a lot but I did it on the cheap. Here is the breakdown:

Basket- $2.00 on clearance at Target after Easter
Ribbon- from my craft box; it was leftover from a previous project
Wrapping Paper- leftover from Christmas; bought at Hallmark for .50 (I think) a roll with the awesome $5 off $5 coupon they had before Christmas
Diapers- probably about $2.00 out of pocket after coupons, rewards, rebates
Wipes- .39 at Target after $2.00 Pampers wipes coupon
Baby Gap Outfit- $15 for a shirt and a pair of jeans plus 10% back from Ebates; I shopped the clearance section and had a 25% off coupon
Tag- from my craft box

Total: About $18.00 (I am not including the wrapping paper, ribbon and the tag because these are all things that I already had on hand and got for very cheap).

The bows are all hand made, including the paper bows. I got the directions here to make paper ones, but instead of using recycled magazines I used wrapping paper. Much cheaper and nicer looking than the ones that you buy at the store.

If I were a normal (and by this I mean not super cheap) person this basket would have cost at least $50 ($35 for the outfit, $10 for the basket, $5 for the ribbon/bows, $9 for the diapers, $2.50 for the wipes).

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