Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is in My Fridge

Call me weird, but I always find it interesting to see what people have in their refrigerators. People can talk all they want about how great they eat but you never know until you see what they keep on hand.

Here is my refrigerator

The top shelf has soda (my husband and I would die without soda), mayo, yeast (bought in bulk from BJs- way cheap), various containers of food (steamed squash, steamed sweet potato, wheat pasta, applesauce, sliced kiwi), pasta sauce and a random open bottle of water.

The next shelf has whole milk (I will not drink anything but whole milk. My son's doctor said all kids over 2 should drink low fat milk but come on, my son is not fat and doesn't eat Happy Meals three times a day. How about telling parents to stop shoving fast food down their kids throats everyday instead of blaming childhood obesity on whole milk- but I digress...), Nursery Water (tap water taste gross so why would I make my kids drink it if I won't?), Crystal Light Lemonade, Ocean Spray 100% Fruit/Veggie Juice and orange juice with added calcium/vitamin D.

In this picture we have hard boiled eggs, a pear, Danimals Drinkable Yogurt, Daninino Yogurt, Yo Baby Yogurt, Country Crock butter (white trash but I love the taste!), crescent rolls, Butterball sandwich meat, string cheese, shredded cheese, turkey bacon, bottled water, cut up watermelon and apples.

On the door there are random condiments (mustard, bbq sauce, all fruit jelly, worschester sauce (wow, did I mess up on that spelling), honey mustard dipping sauce, steak sauce, parmesan cheese, ketsup, relish, pickles and salad dressing. There are also some drinks including Starbucks Frappuchinos (time for a refill), Sobe and some yummy wine coolers for when I have had a long day (isn't that every day?).

When I look at what I have it looks like we eat pretty decent, though I am sure there are some vegan type people out there who are looking at my fridge and saying "you feed your family what?!" And to that I say- I am going to crack open a Dr. Pepper and get back to eating my Doritos which I am pretty sure are not made from organically and humanely grown crap (I read the label and there is a lot of crap in them- great tasting crap, but crap nonetheless).

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