Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love My Mail Box

Today was a very good mail day. I didn't get any bills (yeah!) and I got lots of coupons (double yeah). My husband also got some car magazine that he has a free subscription to but that wasn't cool enough to get in my picture.

Here is what I got:

Free Suave Coupon (up to $3.00)- I signed up for this awhile back
Gerber Graduates .75/3 Snacks
Gerber Graduates .75/2 Lil Meals or Pasta Pick Ups
Stonyfield Coupons (I emailed them because one of my daughter's Yo Baby yogurts wasn't properly factory sealed) which included (2) Free Yo Baby Yogurt Coupons and a bunch of .50 coupons for their other products (these will double at my local grocery stores so $1.00).

I am so excited about the Stonyfield coupons because my kids like it and I like their rewards program. I wasn't expecting such generous coupons when I emailed them but hey, I'll take 'em!

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