Monday, July 5, 2010


Doritos $4.00 - $1.00 Target Coupon (these were a craving- I am eating them now and wish that I didn't buy such a big fricken bag)
3 Annies Mac and Cheese @ $1.00 each (reg. $1.64)
Cheerios $2.49 - $1.00 peelie
2 Market Pantry Pears in Juice @ $1.15 each
Eggs $1.19 (not pictured)
Danimal Drinkable Yogurt $1.89 (reg. $2.64) (not pictured)
Baby Float $11.69 (reg. $12.99)
Armor All Wheel Protectant $7.99 - $2.00 mc
Armor All Car Wash $3.84 - $2.00 mc and $3/2 Target Coupon

Total: $30.42

I will be submitting for the Armor All Rebate. I am not sure if I will get the full $7.99 back for the wheel protectant or if I will get $5.99 because I used a $2.00 coupon. Either way it will be a money maker because I only paid $4.83 for the two items.

I needed Cheerios because my kids go through at least a box a week and couldn't believe that that huge box I bought was only $2.49 regular price- and it had a $1.00 coupon on it so $1.49, are you kidding me! I know where I'll be getting my Cheerios from now on (unless Shaws decides to start having good Catalina deals again).

The canned pears are my emergency back up fruit for my daughter because it seems no matter what I do the fresh produce that I buy doesn't make it to the end of the week due to rotting and/or being eaten. The pears are packed in juice and have no added sugar so they are a some what healthy back up food. I just wish the four packs of individual cups were packed in juice and not light syrup because it would be nice to be able to open just one serving at a time.

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