Sunday, July 25, 2010

Savers- Don't Mind the Smell

2 Books @ .69 each
Tiger Flashlight $2.99
Ski Ball Game $3.99
less $3.00 coupon received for donating items curbside

Total: $5.70

I was a little skeeved out shopping at Savers. It smells weird and there is a lot of overpriced junk, especially the clothing (and I may be biased because used clothing sometimes weirds me out).

There was a lot of junky, dirty toys but we found these gems. The books were a really good deals and are the one thing that I could see myself going back there to buy. That being said, if I didn't have that coupon I don't feel like it would have been worth buying the toys I got.

There was an old wood encased television that was $12.00 and I was tempted to buy it just because I remember hearing a joke from Jeff Foxworthy about being a redneck if you put a working television on top of a broken television.

So if you don't mind shopping somewhere that smells like your dead grandmother's house (and has all of the useless random tea cups and doilies) and that also sells used underwear then this store may be for you. For me, not so much.

On the positive side, I now know where I can bring stuff that is too crappy to donate to normal people so that it doesn't have to take up space in in my ridiculously expensive town trash bags.

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