Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rite Aid is My New Favorite

Huggies $8.99 - $1.50 mc
Zegerid $10.00 - $4.00 mc, $3.00 in ad and $3.00 Video Values
Dulcolax $9.99 - $5.00 mc
less $5.00/$25.00 coupon from Video Values

Total: $7.48; paid with Flexible Spending Account card so no out of pocket
Received: $9.00 +Up Rewards ($7.00 Zegerid and $2.00 Huggies)
Will Submit For: $9.99 Rite Aid Single Check Rebate and Zegerid manufacturer rebate

This transaction will be a moneymaker of $9.99 after rebates- if Zegerid gives me the purchase price ($10.00) instead of the total on my receipt it will be even more. I don't count the +Up Rewards until I actually use them because they have no value until they are redeemed.

I love Rite Aid! I was so excited when I left the store because I got an awesome deal and everything went so smoothly. I am definetly going back for more this week. CVS has been so boring and I have been in a deal seeking funk so I think Rite Aid is what I needed to get me back in the game.

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