Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Coupons Are Now Organized!

Last night I sat down and I organized my coupons. Not a big deal you may think, but I had a box full of clipped coupons and a stack of un-clipped inserts and printed coupons.

So after two hours of undivided attention (I confess that I was also watching Real Housewives of New Jersey) everything is where it belongs.

I really need to start going through my coupons weekly and pulling out expired ones and filing in new ones because it helps me to know what coupons I have. I used to do this but have really been slacking so last night I found a lot of coupons that I would have used if I knew that I had them.

I will have to start keeping up on this but I somehow think that I won't and I will be writing another post in a couple of months that will be a total moment of deja vu.

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