Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just When You Think You Have the Mom Thing Down...

I changed my daughter's poop filled diaper on the floor of her play room and then had to help my son who was yelling about who knows what. Disaster was averted with him so I went into the kitchen to have a sip of my soda (how I wish it were actually a margarita) and I looked to see my daughter with a baby wipe in her mouth and she was coughing.


I snatched her up and was yelling at myself while I proceeded to take a poopy baby wipe from her while wiping out the inside of her mouth and face with a wet paper towel. I then went on to wash her hands and face numerous times with soap and then rounded it up with a Wet Ones wipe while all the while cursing myself for forgetting a crap filled diaper on the floor.

So, my sweet baby girl who is only one has now eaten her own poop. My son was at least two before he did that.

Lesson: Do not leave dirty diapers on the floor- they go in the trash and not in your baby's mouth.

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