Sunday, June 27, 2010

TJ Maxx 75% Off

We found this piece of art work at TJ Maxx for $25.00 marked down from $100.00. It looks nice for $25.00 but I would never have paid full price for it. We were going to put it on the wall above our stairs but when we got home realized it was about a foot too big so we're going to improvise and put it on the wall next to the stairs.

I love TJ Maxx because I always find random things to decorate my house with for way cheap prices. When my husband and I were dating and moved to Georgia together (yes, we were living in sin and loving every moment of it) we got most of our stuff from TJ Maxx in the clearance sections. We were able to decorate our first apartment together pretty nicely on a very small budget.

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