Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stop and Shop Way Cheap (or Free) Turkey Bacon

Today when I was at Stop and Shop I noticed a great deal on the Butterball Turkey Bacon.

This week it is on sale for $1.00 and there is a Catalina deal that you get a $1.00 Catalina when you buy three packages.

Paired with two of the the $1/2 coupons from a recent insert you can get four packages for $1.00 after taking the Catalina into account. If you were lucky enough to the .75 coupon you could buy three and use three coupons that double to $1.50 (this may be a ymmv at your store). If you count the Catalina you would have a $2.50 overage. If your coupons only double up to $1.00 you would still have a $1.00 overage.

I ordered coupons from Ebay on Saturday so hopefully I'll get them tomorrow. Free plus overage bacon plus a Catalina is music to my ears.

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