Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shopping Recap Week Ending June 12- Groceries

I didn't get out of the house to go shopping until Thursday night but we managed to live off of what was in the pantry and freezer until then. Here are my spoils for the week.


Total: $16.62 after using $10.00 in gift cards
Received: $5.00 gift card from Edys
Details here

Stop and Shop

Total: $7.20 after using a $3.00 Catalina
Received: $4.00 Catalina from Edys/Skinny Cow and a coupon for a free half gallon of milk. I will also submit for a $5.00 Sorrento rebate.
Details here


Total: $19.24 after using $10.00 in gift cards
Received: $10.00 from Edys/Nestle
Details here
So I have a lot of ice cream in my chest freezer but I am definitely going to go back to Stop and Shop and stock up on more. My husband loves ice cream and my freezer keeps it fresh for long periods of time so I like to buy it cheap so I can avoid paying full price down the road.

I am beginning this week with the following:
$5.00 Target gift card
$4.00 Stop and Shop Catalina
Free Half Gallon Stop and Shop milk coupon
$9.00 in Shaws Catalinas
$2.00 Shaws survey coupon
$20 CVS ECB ($10 is from a Advisory Panel Survey)
$5.00 CVS gift card

Stop by next week to see what I turned these magical pieces of paper into!


  1. You may be saving money on ice cream but it's not a healthy food to eat so in the long run you're saving money to be unhealthy!!!

  2. Anyonynous must not have kids, understand how expensive these treats are or have a good grasp of nutrition.

  3. You hit the jackpot this week! I signed up to be a new follower.