Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoes.com Shopping

My husband wanted some new sandals so he shopped on Shoes.com because I had a coupon and I get cash back from Ebates.
He bought the above North Face sandals for $24.00 (regular price $30.00 minus 20% coupon).
I bought the above Simple sandles for $8.64 (sale price $10.80 minus 20% coupon; the regular price was $27.00). Now I know that Simple is a crunchy, tree hugging company (these shoes are vegan and made of hemp) and I am the kind of person who finds recycling so very annoying and who sees nothing wrong with cutting down trees so that I can live in a house but I think they are cute and they look comfortable.

Our total was $32.64 and shipping was free (returns are also free). We also received $2.61 in our Ebates account for our purchase.

Now I know some people might be saying- couldn't you just get some Old Navy flip flops for $2.50 each and save yourself some money? Yeah we could- we actually already have some cheap flip flops for wearing around the yard- but we like to have nice shoes to wear in public. I like cute shoes. It makes me feel good to wear shoes out that are not made of rubber. I also don't wear my pajamas or sweatpants out of the house- not even to just go in my front yard. To the store- hell no.

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  1. looking for comfort sandals like those. what you say? Should you invest more money and buy "northface" sandals? Or you can settle for something cheaper?