Monday, June 7, 2010

My Garden

This is my garden. Well, it is actually my son's garden.

We were at Lowes yesterday buying stuff that we actually needed and I saw this Oscar the Grouch Garden Kit. I thought that it was so cute so we bought it for $5.99. Not a frugal buy but who cares- it is cute and my son is so excited to see his seeds grow.

I am hoping that he will eat the green beans when (if) they grow but if he won't I will.

This is the extent of my gardening this year- I was going to do some container gardening but it just seemed too complicated for me to do (I am the type of person that can kill a houseplant a mere day after bringing it into my house). If this crop comes out good then I might have the confidence next year to actually plant some stuff in a real garden- if it comes out bad then I will you that as my excuse to never plant anything again.

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