Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Mess!

I have a tray that I keep my coupon stuff and various other things that I need to run my household successfully (that means old receipts, magazine articles that looked interesting, recipes that I will never use, scrap paper that I feel bad throwing out but will never use, bills and any other piece of paper that I come into contact with). I pile stuff onto my tray and then every month I go through and organize it.

I have a giant file folder that I use to file current sales fliers, coupons that need to be clipped, things that I need to file in the filing cabinet (I could just file them right away but come on- what a pain!), receipts that need to be filed in my receipt file folder (I save all receipts until I know I am keeping the item or until I know I don't need them for any rebates/warranties) and pending items such as rebates and bills.

The smaller accordion files on the side are my coupons. I have four of them for the following categories: groceries, health and beauty, household items (cleaning, pets, baby items) and store coupons. I carry these into the store with me when I go shopping. Any time I am making a trip to a specific store I make a list on a piece of folded paper and put any coupons that I am using with it.

It makes me feel good that I have a place for everything but I usually end up throwing everything into a pile until it gets ugly and my husband starts making comments about how trashy it looks. My purse on shopping days is absolutely ridiculous because I just throw my receipts, catalina coupons and coupons that I pulled from my files but didn't use into it. When I get home I transfer that jumbled mess to my tray. I have almost lost more things than I can count but this is how I do it. I have come to terms with the fact that my semi disorganization and touch of laziness has/will cost me some deals but hey, I have kids (good excuse, huh? I know it sucks but everyone else uses it when they don't feel like doing something).

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