Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Reeses Mini's $2.50
Florida's Natural Fruit Sticks $2.14
Archer Farms Fruit Strips $2.50
Spiderman Fruit Snacks $2.24
Fiber One Wheat Bread $2.50
Up & Up Freezer Bags $2.69
Spiderman Napkins $1.79
Spiderman Tablecloth $2.99
2 Kashi TLC Cereal Bars @ $3.09 each - (2) $1.00 mc
4 Kashi Heart to Heart Crackers @ $2.84 each - (3) $1.50 mc and (1) Free mc (vocalpoint)
also had (2) $1/3 Kashi Crackers Target coupons

Total: $8.43 after paying with $12.27 gift card from Mother's Day gift and $5 gift card from last week's Hydro Deal.

I received a $5 gift card for buying 5 Kashi products. Taking the gift card into account I only paid $1.20 for 4 boxes of crackers and 2 boxes of cereal bars (.20 a box)- not too bad!

The fruit snacks and candy is for my son's birthday pinata- what a complete money pit that thing is.

The freezer bags were bought to use for frosting my son's Spiderman cake- they are cheaper than buying the real icing bags and whatever is left over I can use for other stuff.


  1. Awesome job on the Kashi cereal!! I didn't have the cereal coupons anymore but I had the cereal bar coupons and frozen meal coupons from a tear pad plus the Target Q's for the frozen meals. Did two transactions. I love when Target has such great deals! :)

  2. My Target is 5 minutes from my house so I go a lot some weeks. Sometimes I wonder if my husband thinks I have a secret boyfriend there- if I did I could get the employee discount ; )