Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sin Tax on Soda?

Just Add Lauren has an interesting post on a sin tax being added to soda and other unhealthy foods to promote more healthy eating and to fight obesity.

I am very opposed to the government deciding what is unhealthy and what they think I should be feeding my family. I think the burden of children being overweight needs to be put where it belongs- on the parents. Parents buy the food and bring it into their house- just because they are making poor dietary choices for their families doesn't mean that I should be punished by having to pay more for the treats I by my family.

Before the government adds another unnecessary tax they should perhaps look at their school lunch programs or lack of time during the school day for physical activity. I also don't think the government should subsidize anything- whether it be soybeans or people who would rather not work and still get a check.

I think that we have become a society that relies to heavily on the government to fix our problems- it is not their job nor do I want it to be their job. I decide what is best for my family- whether it is junk food for a special treat or soda for my husband who works hard to support us. Just because you don't like something or don't like how a person is living their life (being overweight, smoking, etc.) doesn't mean what they are doing should be punished. If someone wants to eat unhealthy food and get fat then that is their choice whether I think it is bad or not.

I understand why people may think a sin tax is the answer but we have to balance that with how much of a say do we want the government to have on our lives. Remember the saying "if you give them an inch they'll take a mile"...

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