Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Day So Far... Oy!

5:30 am- Daughter woke up; nursed her and fell asleep on the couch while she played on the floor
6:30 am- Woke up but crashed on the couch in a half asleep daze
7:00 am- Husband left for work (not sure what time because of the aforementioned daze I was in); son woke up; daughter eating Cheerios in high chair
7:30 am- Put down daughter for early nap before floor guy showed up; gave son some Cheerios, Kix and raisins for breakfast while he watched tv (this week has been chaotic so tv has been watched a lot more than usual); took a shower
8:30 am- Floor guy came; woke up daughter (once the floor guy puts the final coat on the floor I will have no access to the upstairs)- daughter was way pissed off
9:30 am- Went outside to play in the awful heat
10:30 am- Daughter started to have a meltdown so I nursed her and gave her some Cheerios
11:00 am- Daughter had another meltdown; son crapped in his bathing suit; we all went inside
11:30 am- Lunch for everyone but me; daughter fell asleep in her highchair; son peed on the floor in the family room
11:45 am- Put daughter down for nap in the pack and play in the family room
12:00 pm- Son was screaming because he crushed the candy bar I gave him and he wanted it to be put back together (impossible); threw away candy bar; more screaming from son; screaming from me; screaming from daughter who was woken up
12:15 pm- Nursed daughter and put her back down; gave up and just closed the family room door with both kids screaming; ate lunch; daydreamed that I was anywhere else but home; looked for alcohol in the house (found none)
12:30 pm- Son calmed down a little; turned on a movie for him; daughter was still crying (way overtired)
12:45 pm- Daughter finally fell asleep; son on the verge of falling asleep
1:00 pm- I have a big fricken headache but boy does it feel good to have some peace and quiet. Kids are so angelic looking when they are sleeping.

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