Monday, May 17, 2010

Michaels Trip- Birthday Time!

I am going to attempt to make my son a Spiderman cake for his birthday. I made a pretty cool cake for Easter so I think I can pull it off but I have to work all day Saturday so it looks like it will be a late night decorating.
I already have the tips, couplers and icing coloring that I need but I am going to buy plastic storage bags at Target to use for the icing because the real bags are expensive. I am going to make the cake mix from scratch but I'm going to buy the frosting- I have never made frosting before and don't want to have a last minute screw up!
This pan was $12.99 but I had a 40% coupon that I got when I made a purchase a couple of weeks ago so I paid $8.28 including tax. It may have been cheaper to have just a plain cake but I think that birthdays are special and my son really likes Spiderman.


  1. I did this same cake a few years ago and it turned out awesome! I have pics somewhere email me if you want to see pics and tips and tricks I learned lol