Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gap 25% Off In Store

At Gap, starting today, you can can get 25% off regular priced merchandise in store. If you use you Gap Credit Card (I love my Gap Card!) you can get 30% off. This offer does not include sale items or jeans.
PS. I got my Gap Card statement the other day and I only have to spend $550 more before the end of the year to maintain my Gap Silver status (that means I get free shipping on all online orders which for me is the absolute best thing in the world- I do not like to take my kids clothes shopping).
You know what is sick? I will spend it. I buy most of my family's clothes from Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic and get them pretty cheap because of all of the great sales and coupons I get. Plus for every $200 I spend I get a $10 reward certificate.
Call me irresponsible, but I would never even think of getting rid of my credit card- take that Dave Ramsey!

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