Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frappuchino Overload

I had to run to BJ's yesterday because I had some Starbucks coupons that were going to expire. We had no bread and I was sick so I grabbed it there instead of running to Target- I think the bread I bought was kinda gross but I'll eat it. (I just ate some and it is really gross so I won't eat it)

Nesquik 48.7 oz. container $6.99 (my husband loves this stuff- he's a big kid)
Honey Maid Graham Crackers (4 box pack) $7.79 (craving of mine)
2 Starbucks Frappuchino 12 packs @ $13.99 each - (2) $3.50 BJ's coupons
Arnold Soft Whole Wheat Bread 2 pack $3.99 (yuck)

Total: 39.75

I still have around $45 or $50 left in my budget for the week (my week goes from Friday-Thursday) because of underspending in previous weeks and rebates that I have received.

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