Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boring Week

Looks like a very boring week in the grocery shopping sector. Looks like Shaws is really sucking on the great deals they used to have. I remember around when my son was born three years ago that Shaws had tons of Catalina deals and great store coupons. I used to get their store brand organic stuff for almost free.

On Slickdeals they are talking about the possibility that Shaws is being sold to Kroger. I don't know if it will end up being a good thing but it seems like they have good deals. My husband and I lived in Georgia for a year and used to shop at Kroger but that was before I used tons of coupons.

I guess it will be a Stop and Shop week for me (I do love to use the self checkout with the scanner gun!). Plus it's nice to have boring weeks where I'm not scrambling to put together a complex list of deals with coupons that match and then stressing about how am I going to go to two different stores and do multiple transactions.

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