Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BJs- The "Where the Hell am I Going to Put All of This Water" Edition

Do you ever go to the store and sit and try to figure out what package would be the best deal (in this case- baby wipes) and then say f*** it- I'm getting the biggest package possible so I don't have to bother with this again for awhile?

Huggies Wipes $17.59 - $2.00 BJs coupon and .50 mc
3 Pack Heinz Ketchup $6.49 - $2.00 BJs coupon
Frappuchino 12 pack $13.99 - $1.00 mc
Big Ass Pack of Hamburger Patties $15.04 (not pictured)
Poland Springs 32 pack $3.99
2 Poland Springs Sport Top 24 packs @ $5.59 each - $5.00 BJs coupon
Arnold Hot Dog Buns $2.99 -$1.00 BJs coupon
BJs Premium Hamburger Buns $3.29 (the regular ones looked way too small)

Total: $64.00

The wipes were way more than I like to spend per wipe (less than .01 is my target price) but I am sick of trying to find deals on wipes.

The water was a great deal. It was $10.17 for the 3 packs after the BJs coupon so $3.39 a pack. I know the 24 packs of the regular sized bottles go on sale for 3 for $10 a lot of the time so this ended up being a way better deal. I just need to find somewhere to put it.

We decided that this year for my son's birthday party we would buy the already made hamburger patties because it is a pain in the butt to make them and we are lazy and have other things to do.

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