Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yikes! $68.88 a Week...

This article ( from says that the average amount of food stamps a family gets is $68.88 a week. They had various people shop for one weeks worth of groceries for a family of four to see if they could stay within budget.

When I saw the amount I said yikes! My budget for food is $60 a week for two adults, an almost three year old and a 9 month old. I suppose I could even lower my budget by at least $10 a week if we gave up some of the things we like but I feel like life is too short to just cut out things we really like. Some weeks I only spend $20 a week if there are no good sales and we don't really need anything.

I guess a lot of people who do receive food stamps have no idea how to super coupon shop and I'm sure some just don't care- but that can be said for any segment of society. Have you ever noticed when you mention coupons most people's eyes glaze over and they say they don't have enough time to clip coupons?

I started to super coupon shop after we had our first child because I knew that I wanted to stay home with him. My husband makes a pretty good living but we have a lot of debt so money has always been tight. With me staying home and using my super powers to save us money on all of our food and household needs I have made it a better financial decision for me to stay home then for me to go back to work. We actually spent way less money after having kids than we spent before having kids. (I do want to mention that I work 10 hours every Saturday as an administrative assistant for extra money while my husband is home with the kids).

Even though it sounds cheap of me, I guess I'm proud that I spend less than the average amount of food stamps a family receives. I'm not being a hater towards people on food stamps- I just work hard to do what I do.

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