Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potty Training Update...

Shouldn't he be potty trained by now?

This is going to be a looong process and if I come out of it still sane I deserve some kind of award.

Please tell me how such a small human being can drink so much juice and not pee for six hours? And then magically, when I just had it with trying to potty train him and put a diaper on him, he peed. All day sitting on the potty on and off. I even let him sit on the potty in the bath tub while I ran the water so he could play in it and he pees literally 30 seconds after I put the diaper on him. I mean, he told me he was peeing while he was doing it but it took every once of self control for me to look at him with a smile and say "lets try and go into the potty next time, Ok?" instead of screaming "what the hell!" and throwing all potty training paraphernalia into the trash.

He is still wearing his underwear, still peeing in them, still telling me he is peeing in them and still not peeing in his potty.

I have upped the ante on his prize- If he pees once in the potty he will get a Happy Meal. By next week if he still hasn't gone in the potty his prize may be a brand new car when he turns 16, depending on how desperate I am.

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