Monday, April 19, 2010

Potty Training Sucks

Or I guess I just suck at it. My son will be three in a month and starts Nursery School in September so I decided it is high time he learned to use the potty. He knows how to do it because he has done it before but he is much too busy to be interrupted to go pee anywhere other than his Pull Up. So today I took away the Pull Ups and put underwear on him (the thick training underwear).

He pees and he feels it and then gets upset that it runs down his legs onto the floor. I think this is great because it is the first step to him realizing that he needs to go to the potty before he actually pees. I tried to get him to sit on the potty after he drank juice but it didn't work out too well- when he said no I took it at that because I don't think it is worth getting into a power struggle.

My patience was wearing thin throughout the day though because my 10 month old daughter was being very needy today so while I was trying to clean up after my son she was crying because she wanted to roam freely throughout the house causing the great destruction that only a crawling baby can cause. At one point I told my son that my head was going to fall off because I had such a headache and he told me that it was Ok because Daddy would pick it up and put it back on for me. How thoughtful.

All in all he did well and he still wants to wear underwear tomorrow so I am happy with his progress. Potty training still sucks though.

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  1. Lol I am so with you on this topic my son finally got it 2 days before his 4th birthday uuuggghhhh I wish you much luck : )