Saturday, April 24, 2010

It It Really Free?

My husband got a free pool an Craigslist. It's an above ground 15' one that came with everything- he just had to take it down and transport it. Great deal right?

Well, lets just think about the costs that are associated with this said pool. We have to fill it. Our water bill went way up recently so it is going to cost a lot to fill it (a lot to me is more than $25- I know, I'm cheap). He will need chemicals for it- they can get pretty expensive and my husband thinks he is a chemical engineer with his little beakers and alkali kits (are there even alkali kits- I may have made that up). He is going to need to flatten the land and put sand down- maybe even a tarp on top of the sand. (I just want to say now that if he rents a truck to flatten the land he will be sleeping outside next to his lovely pool from now on.)

So just because it's free doesn't mean that it is really free. We'll just have to see what the tally is once the summer is over.

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