Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healthy (and cheap) Treat

I bought some Tropicana Orange Juice with Calcium at Shaws the other day that was marked down to $1 because it expires today. We drank quite a bit of it but I didn't want the rest to go to waste so i made popsicles from it. I bought the popsicle making contraption at Target (impulse buy) for about $3.50 which I think will be worth it.

My son thinks they are great and even better- they are healthy. The only downside is that they are a pain in the you know what to get out but nothing a little hot water can't fix.

Plus, if you are someone who doesn't like melted popsicle juice all over your kids and your house I would only let them be eaten outside because they are very messy (maybe it's just my son who thiks it's cool to dump the melted juice out of the resevoir? hmmmm...)

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