Saturday, April 10, 2010

CVS- Needed Shampoo!

I looked under my bathroom sink the other day and realized that I was running way low on shampoo. Cue CVS who has a great sale on Pantene...

3 Pantene (2.99 x 3) $8.97
1 Colgate Total $2.99
1 Stride Gum .99 (finally ran out of my free Mentos gum)

Total $12.95

3 Pantene -6.00 (from Vocal Point mailer/sample)
Colgate -1.00
ECB -5.00 (leftover from last week)

New Total (w/tax) .99
Earned $5.99 ECB ($3 Pantene, $2 Colgate, $.99 Stride)

I paid with a $5 giftcard I earned from taking surveys from Lightspeed Panel so I paid no money OOP- just the way I like it!

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