Saturday, June 21, 2014

Produce and Soda at Shaw's

I made a quick produce run to Shaw's on my way to pick up my kids from my mom's house after I got out of work. I am a little annoyed because while this store did have a large assortment of organic produce, it was all gross looking. I would rather buy conventional produce that is fresh than old, barely edible organic produce.
5 lb Bag White Potatoes $3.99
Mini Watermelon $4.49
Romaine Lettuce $2.50
Campari Tomatoes $2.99 - .25 Checkout 51 rebate
2 lbs Strawberries $4.88
2 lbs Cherries $7.98 (my kids love cherries so I try to buy them a lot when they are in season)
4 Coke 12 Packs @ $2.50 each (my husband is a soda addict)
Total: $40.32 after Checkout 51 rebate

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